Melatonin As Well As Sunlight – Can It Genuinely Beat Insomnia?

Just what is it that makes us rest? Precisely what a good question! Therefore if only researchers might pinpoint the solution then perhaps all of the companies that manufacturer insomnia medications would be out of business.

It truly doesn’t make any difference to whom you ask what it is that makes us sleep, though one thing is for certain and that is you will get a range of information.


A cushy bed and a peaceful bedroom

While at this time there are some of us which will need to have a cushy bed and a peaceful bedroom, there are other people who simply believe that the body will sleep when you are tired actually and enough in need of rest. A lot of people will point out that a big, fat, hearty meal would cause you to sleep. But guess what folks, the actual answer to this question is you slumber if the natural hormone melatonin is published.

The very small pineal gland

The hormone melatonin is released from a gland located at the base of the brain known as the pineal gland. Melatonin is secreted at a variety of levels all day long. The various amounts of melatonin that are present in the body of yours at any time helps your body to regulate your body’s natural sleep wake cycle.

So think about this, the tiny pineal gland is responsible for your night of restful sleep or maybe lack thereof. The pineal gland along with the melatonin it secretes will help to regulate the inner body clock of yours, which then will help to keep the body at a state of chemical balance that impact the body in many different ways.

There is a correlation

For example, there is a correlation between the release of melatonin and the body’s temperature, both of which are controlled by the body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin levels and your body’s temperature are actually both essentially lower during the daytime but they gradually rise as evening approaches and as you may have suspected, your body’s temperature and melatonin levels reaching their highest levels during nighttime sleeping which makes probably the most sense.

As darkness falls

The pineal gland is activated by sunset and darkness which is you are your melatonin levels increase as darkness falls. however, the opposite applies during the daytime hours, which is when you will find that your melatonin køb levels are slightly traceable. But, as daytime turns to night, the pineal gland starts to release supplemental melatonin into the blood stream. You can almost feel the sleepiness creeping in as your melatonin level increases.

By this particular time your eyelids must be experiencing heavy and the body of yours should feel tired. Another thing that happens as the body gets all set for sleep is to actually lower your blood pressure. This process remains when the melatonin in the bloodstream of yours continues to rise until it peaks in the wee hours of the morning around 3 or maybe 4 AM. And then you must realize exactly what a miraculous problem your body is, since as the levels peak, they then start to drop which allows you to being waking up.

Disrupt your sleep patterns

Of course, anything that disrupts the regular generate cycle of melatonin also can disrupt your sleep patterns. If the body of yours senses lower levels of melatonin then your body will begin to wake you up and prepare for the daytime.

So, though it is probably not the idea you obsess over, understanding what activates the sleep cycle is a vital part of knowledge which may help you get a restful night’s rest. Melatonin certainly plays a critical role in assisting you to constantly have a restful night’s rest.


So supplementing with melatonin may be a thing to think about whether you are fighting insomnia. Speak with your physician to see if this could possibly be something which could be helpful to help you.